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Sam Bourne

Be part of the good food revolution! Join the campaigns and get involved in things you believe in. You will truly be supporting a force for good for your children's future.

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The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by a group of people who were concerned about the health implications of increasingly intensive farming systems following the Second World War. Their main concerns were:

  • The loss of soil through erosion and depletion
  • Decreased nutritional quality of food
  • Exploitation of animals
  • Impact on the countryside and wildlife

These concerns are the same ones that the organisation have now but over the years have increased exponentially as intensive farming and consumerism has taken over the world. There is more need for the Soil Association's guidence and imput than ever before.

The Soli Assciation launched their Organic Certitfication scheme back in 1973 and now is repsonsible for 70% of organic certification in the UK. This is based on:

  • Ecology
  • Fairness
  • Care
  • Health

The Soil Association is a charity relies on donations and funding through their memberships. The areas that membership and donations support are:

FOOD - Food for Life Program (see below) Supporting healthy and sustainable food provision for school children, hospital patients, older people and in workplaces.

Farming - Supporting the future development of farming in a way that protects the environment and provides the highest welfare standards for animals.

Wildlife - protecting bees, birds and butterflies along with other wildlife.

Soil - Support the protection and preservation of soil for the survival of people, plants and the planet.

The Soil Association's Food for Life programme is about making good food the easy choice for everyone – making healthy, tasty and sustainable meals the norm for all to enjoy, reconnecting people with where their food comes from, teaching them how it’s grown and cooked, and championing the importance of well-sourced ingredients.

Working with schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes, to help them build knowledge and skills through a ‘whole setting approach’. This engages pupils and parents, teachers and doctors, caterers, carers and the wider community to create a powerful voice for long-term change.

The Soil Association believe that it’s possible to produce nutritious food for all through kinder farming – without using chemicals or killing wildlife, and making sure every farm animal feels the sun on their back. And members of our good food movement agree it's vital to transform the way we farm. They support our work pioneering new ways to farm. Together with our members we’re improving the way food is produced, now and for the future.

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