NutriKids: Planting the Seeds of Health

"Learning about good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is as
important as learning to read and write." 

If you want your child to eat healthy foods, educate them and encourage them to eat a variety of healthy foods at as young an age as possible. It has been scientifically proven that if children are introduced to healthy foods at an early age they are much more likely to eat healthy foods when they get older.

After years of helping people with their nutrition I am convinced that the best way to change public attitude to food and diet, and therefore health, is to learn early. It is hard in adulthood to change long engrained eating habits, even when the consequences could be life changing. Healthy eating should start at a young age and be continually learned over a lifetime. Teaching children how to eat healthily is a gift for life.



I created NutriKids books to help parents, teachers and guardians to not only to get children to eat and enjoy vegetables and fruit, but also to help children to understand why these foods are so important, in the hope that each child will grow up with a natural inclination to include healthy foods in their diet. 

Today we live in an age where many foods do not have the nutrition required to stay healthy for life. Adding healthy vegetables and fruits every day (especially organic) is one of the best ways to support children’s health for now and the future of their health. NutriKids Books are here to help plant the seeds of knowledge and a desire for better health. 


Sam Bourne

(Author and Nutrionalist)