Assemblies and storytime

School Visits

It was lovely to visit the two sites for Henry Cavendish School and take the morning assembles for the receptions and year one classes.

I talked about why I created my NutriKids books, and why they should eat healthy foods. I explained why some of the less healthy foods that children like to eat like cookies, chocolate, crisps and sweets should be eaten in small amounts and showed them a food pyramid to help them see the perfect balance. They saw how two of my characters originated from my children when they were small and saw how they had grown into two tall and health teenagers.

We then did a ‘name the food’ game where they shouted out what the vegetable or fruit was and I have to say they were all very good at naming them – even beetroot! Followed by a question and answer – where they were all very keen to tell me about how many vegetables they ate.

The school takes healthy eating very seriously and I was really impressed with the welcome and encouragement from the teachers and the whole school. The children were so well behaved and genuinely interested in why they should eat healthy foods. It truly is the ideal time in their lives to learn about healthy eating. I try to encourage the school and children to talk about the subject of healthy eating at home and perhaps borrow the books from the library so they can show their parents. Certificate and activity sheets can help get the message home.