How to Use the Books

The NutriKids books and characters have been created to appeal to children ages 2-7 years old and are easy tools for parents and teachers to use to teach children about healthy foods.

The stories are designed to allow children to put themselves into the character's shoes and learn about the health benefits of each food and how it could support their own health.

If it's good for Connie Carrot, it must be good for them.

There are fun pictures and graphics with important nutritional information that outlines the nutritional content and health benefits of the starring food.

Each book also includes 4 pages of recipes and serving suggestions, interesting historical facts, and 'Grow your Own' guides that makes growing a food look easy - that's because it is.

Once your child has learned about the food, encourage them to eat it, or even just try it. Award them with a NutriKids certificate. Encourage them to do some of the activity sheets to keep healthy eating in their mind after reading the books.

Top tip? Get older children to read to their younger siblings as this will teach them about healthy eating too.

There will eventually be more in the NutriKids book series and the next 7 characters are already developed, you can see these on the 'Meet the Characters' page.


So, in short -

Start with a story...

...Teach nutritional facts...


...Explore some food history, recipes and "Grow your Own" guides...

...and then reward them with a Certificate!

At the end of the book it's a great idea to let them try the food, either at tea time or just on it's own. You can reward them with a certificate, which you can download from the certificate page. Just fill in the name of the child.